Friday, October 16, 2009

Oooooh. Bad news. I was just told that the renovations are going to cost much more than we had anticipated. The Sprinkler system and the fire alarm systems will have to be replaced and that could come to about $35,000!!! Woooow. That was not expected.
Mother Ann's funeral Mass and burial were beautiful this morning. Cardinal Sean celebrated the Mass, Bishop Irwin concelebrated and preached, and there were about twenty other concelebrants. The Chapel was jammed. The music was taken care of by the Paul Madore choir.
I thought I would get to the chapel early so as not to have to walk very far after parking and even though I was thirty five minutes early I had to park down on the street and walk up the hill.
It was really cold. The concelebrants were the first to arrive at the grave side and we had to wait about ten or fifteen minutes before the nuns and the family arrived. It was extremely cold and windy. The hot coffee after Mass really felt good.

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