Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ron Nussle took this photo of the Chapel this past week so that we will have before and after renovation photos. This photo is taken from right where the priest stands at the altar.

Chapel Memorials

There has been quite a bit of interest in memorials for the renovated Chapel. The new altar of sacrifice, the altar/shelf for the tabernacle, the two stained glass windows and a pew have been donated so far, The Ambo (pulpit) ($4,000), the credence table ($3,000), the Offertory table ($2,000), the lectern ($2,500), two brass altar candlesticks ($250), the brass Pascal Candle holder ($500), and the new Thurible (Incensor) and Incense Boat ($500) and individual pews ($1,000) are still available. The sanctuary furniture will be decorated with carvings that were taken from the old altar rail when it was removed.

Chapel Renovation

Well, unfortunately we have run into a snag with the renovation of our Chapel. The place where we were going to move to during the renovation is no longer available to us. So right now it looks as though we will just have just close down the Chapel for two months. I hate to do it, but I don't see any option right now. We are looking into one place, but it is not too hopeful. Say a prayer. In fact, say a lot of them. We have to get St. Therese working for us so that she finds a temporary home for her Chapel