Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I finally received the information on the sanctuary furnishings for the renovated Chapel. The altar, the ambo (pulpit), the table/shelf for the Tabernacle, a lectern (a reading stand near the Priest's chairs), a credence table (a table to the left of the altar where everything needed in the Mass is placed), and an Offertory table (a moveable table in the center aisle for the placing of the hosts and wine before the Offertory) will all be available as memorials. For more information, please contact me (Fr. Herbert).
Actually, the table/shelf for the tabernacle was spoken for within an hour after the e-mail was sent this morning. All of the furnishing will form a set so that there is unity within the sanctuary. We are able to incorporate carvings from the original altar rail into the Altar, the Ambo and the table/shelf for the Blessed Sacrament.
There will also be two beautiful stained glass windows in the new sanctuary, both of which can be memorials. One is of St. Therese the patroness of the Chapel and the other is of the Good Shepherd. These are windows from the Church of the Assumption in Chelsea which is now closed.

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